• Smashleen Gutiérrez ............................. SELVA
  • Maikel Gutiérrez ................................... BROTHER
  • Rita Consuela Watson ......................... OLD WOMAN


The land expels and the ocean drowns, departures repeat themselves in every generation. Selva dances within voices and memories; in a game that prepares her for the inevitable separation.


Sofía Quirós was born in 1989, She is Argentinian and Costa Rican. She studied Image and Sound Design at UBA. She directed the short films The Other Side, Inside Land (Clermont-Ferrand) and Selva (56th Semaine de la Critique). She is developing her debut film Ceniza Negra (Land of Ashes), scheduled for production in 2018.


Mariana was born in 1982. She studied Communications at the University of Costa Rica and specialized in Film Production in Madrid’s Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM).
In 2011 she funded Sputnik Films, “The Sound of Things” is her first feature film as a General Producer premiered at the 38th Moscow Film Festival in 2016 where it was awarded the Kommersant Weekend Prize. She’s currently developing Ariel Escalante’s second feature “Zanfona” (EAVE PUENTES 2017) and “Land of Ashes”, by Sofía Quirós, project supported by Ibermedia and winner of the grant from the Centre National du Cinéma et de l`image animée of France (CNC)



  • Director  Sofía Quirós Ubeda
  • Executive Producers  Sofía Quirós Ubeda | Mariana  Murillo | Francisca Sáez Agurto
  • Producer Mariana Murillo
  • Cinematographer  Francisca Sáez Agurto
  • Editor Sofía Quirós Ubeda | Florencia Rovlich
  • Sound Martin Scaglia
  • Music Fran Villalba 
  • Art Direction Mauricio Esquivel
  • Production  Assistant  Santiago Durán
  • Camera Assistant   Esteban Murillo
  • Boom Operator   Zenén Vargas
  • Color   Pablo Franco
  • Graphic Design Rodrigo Hurtado